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A Custom Remodeling Project to Brighten Up Your Home This May

Stains aren’t always a bad thing. Well, they are when it’s wine on your new rug or permanent marker on your freshly painted walls. But a wood stain is an easy and beautiful way to make a change in your home as well as add a little color to your floors!

The Swiney’s called us in because they wanted their natural wood floors to look trendier and warmer. So we came in and worked our magic! Read on to see what we did.

Using Wood Finish Penetrating Stain To Beautify Floors

We chose Minwax Wood Finish Penetrating Stain. This stain is perfect for enhancing the wood patina and accentuating the natural grain. Plus, it’s very easy to apply!

Slowly Bringing Out The Beauty of Their Wood Floor

Even if it’s easier to use compared to other wood stains, this project still took a lot of elbow grease. We got down and dirty literally to make sure the rich color of the wood would come out magnificently.

Good Things (Or Wood Color) Come to Those Who Wait!

After covering the entire area with wood stain, it was finally time to let the stain penetrate the floor. We let it sit for about 15 minutes to get the rich color our client wanted. It was the perfect excuse to take a breather!

Cleaning Things Down to Reveal Perfection

Once break time was over, we wiped the floor down again. This time, it was to remove all the wood stain that the wood didn’t absorb. Our crew made sure to blend carefully so that the color of the floor would be as uniform as possible.

The Final Output: A Perfectly Stained Floor and Happy Clients

After letting the stain completely dry, we applied a protective finish so the floor would look completely new. The stain is definitely a captivating enhancement to the Swiney’s home!

The Swiney’s thought so as well. The stained floor is a perfect combination of traditional and modern in their cozy home. We look forward to working on their home again soon!

Does your wood flooring need a little color? Contact us today and get a FREE Estimate!

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