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Customizing Homes With Our Quality Remodeling Projects

Your Poplar Bluff home improvement experts have been quite busy this week. Serving the local community, we’ve made remodeling a lot less stressful for homeowners by handling all the dirty work. Throughout the entire process, we make sure that things are done as efficiently and smoothly as possible so our clients can get the best results.

To start off June, we’ve assisted many clients in achieving their dream home, selling their properties faster, or even just getting a new look for one of their rooms. Here are three projects that we thought you’d be interested in.

Bringing Color to Outdoor Spaces With Quick Painting Services on Pinecrest Drive

This first project takes us to Pinecrest Drive in Poplar Bluff. A deck is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while still being in the comforts of your own home. Wooden decks are exposed to a lot of harsh elements, though. From the scorching heat to heavy rains, these outside elements can strip the wood of color and make your deck look dull.

Repainting your wooden deck is an easy way of bringing it back to life and creating vibrancy in your outdoor living area. Our client called us in to handle this paint job. After a day of hard work, we gave this deck a new pizzazz.

Expert Bathroom Renovation For a Client on Robert Street

Next stop, Robert Street in Poplar Bluff! Our client decided that their bathroom was in dire need of a new look (as you can see in the before photo above). Just because you don’t spend as much time in the bathroom as the other rooms in your house doesn’t mean you should pay it any less attention! This bathroom deserved a makeover, and our team came in to bring out the best results.

Out with the old, in with the new. We started by demolishing everything in the room, from old walls to the flooring.

Here’s a look at the sink we replaced. From a more traditional look to a minimalist aesthetic, the area now looks classy and trendy.

We also replaced the toilet with a newer, less bulky model.

As you can see in this picture, our team replaced the flooring with a darker wood pattern and repainted the walls in a luxurious gray.

This bathroom renovation is still a work in progress, so stay tuned for more progress photos!

Continuing the Bathroom Renovation on Sunset Drive

Do you remember the bathroom renovation project we worked on for our client Kelly in the third week of May? If not, you can read all about it here. This week, we got to work on Kelly’s master bathroom! We put up his and her sinks and mirrors, with vanity lights to highlight the homeowner’s bathroom experience.

Does your home need a new look like these projects we worked on? Contact us today and get a FREE Estimate!

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