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Mid-Spring Remodelling For Poplar Bluff Residents

We’re almost halfway through the wettest season of the year, with thunderstorms threatening to hit us any moment. But that’s not stopping us or our clients from making significant changes to Poplar Bluff homes.

For this week’s featured projects post, we’ll show you some of the projects we’re working on as well as an update to our renovation project we’ve shown you last week. Let’s get started!

Project Update: We’re Almost Ready To Sell

Remember the property that the homeowner asked us to renovate to sell faster? Well, we’re almost getting ready to wrap things up for this project and see how it will fare in today’s housing market. But before we do, let’s take a look at some of the photos we’ve taken while working on this project.

After some patching uneven wall surfaces, we’ve covered the wall with fresh paint. For the bottom part of the wall, we used Sherwin William’s 700 primer, followed up with their cashmere line in Summit Gray. Above the chair rail, we used a lighter shade called Knitting Needles.

For the kitchen, we’ve removed their wallpaper and painted the walls, too.

The cabinets stood out after the wallpaper was removed and the nice contrast with the wall made its color more vibrant.

But, we’re not yet done. We’ll show you more photos of these in one of our next posts once it’s completed.

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Having a fence is a good way to let your pets run freely around your yard, without letting them loose on the streets. But what if your fence can’t prevent them from breaking free?

Well, for this client, we have added blocks of wood at the bottom of the fence we’ve just installed specifically to keep their pets inside. This will prevent them from going underneath the fence onto the streets.

We’ve also worked on the interiors and did drywall repairs and repaint for their bathroom.

Working on their kitchen is a team effort. Our client is working on the windows independently while the Custom Remodeling Specialists team finished their flooring.

Kitchen and Bath Remodel in Poplar Bluff, MO

Just this week, we’ve started a new project which is a kitchen and bath renovation. This client is doubling down on this project and is asking us to make major changes.

Here’s a photo of their kitchen before the renovation started. For this one, we’ll demolish and replace all of their cabinets, demolish a divider wall, remove their popcorn ceiling, and rework their plumbing and electrical to match the new layout.

With the master and hall bath, we’ll implement major changes as well, which we will show you once the project is completed! We’re excited on how this will turn out and we’d be more than happy to show you the improvements in our featured projects posts in the future!

This spring, the Custom Remodeling Specialists team won’t let the weather slow us down and make our clients wait for their brand new looking home.

Do you have any projects in mind you wish to get started on?

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