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Our High-Impact Remodeling Projects to Add Value to Your Homes in Poplar Bluff

Time takes its toll on everything. Our homes are no exception. The once cozy, beautiful, and comfortable home may now be leaky, ugly, and uncomfortable to stay in.

Unlike gadgets or appliances, one cannot simply throw away a broken house. But like can upgrade your gadgets to newer versions or get the latest model of an appliance, you can also remodel and upgrade your home!

Give your home an upgrade by fixing and remodeling it with Custom Remodeling Specialists! Whatever project you have in mind, your home upgrades are surely in the right hands.

Whether its a leak in the roof, floors to be replaced, bathroom in need of a new look, or a wall that needs to be torn down, our state of the art tools and highly trained team has you covered

Check out our projects below. After reading this, you’ll be convinced that your home needs a makeover, too!

Leaky Roof on Hunter Road no More: Saving a Home From Leaking Water By Replacing the Shingles

Imagine the weather getting gloomy outside, dark clouds invading the once blue sky, cold winds slowly blowing through your windows, and rain gradually pouring down. As you enjoy watching the pouring rain from your window while sipping hot coffee, plop! You felt something wet on your head.

Plop! Plop! Plop! Droplets of water continuously fall down inside your home matching the tempo of the rain outside. There is a leak in your ceiling! Major mood changer right? We think so, too.

We, at Custom Remodeling Specialists, leaky roofs are not tolerated. Our team finds innovative ways to fix it in no time. Take a look at this roof on Hunter Road for example.

Besides being an eyesore, this roof causes a major problem on rainy days. It had a significant belly that came from warped decking. Water was leaking inside because these decks were pulled away from the trusses.

So how did we fix it? We started by removing enough shingles to expose the area affected. We then changed the decks and installed new shingles.

The color of the shingles do not match, but at least the home is safe from leaks. This project did not end here as we are still finding better ways to make the roof look better.

Planned Kitchen Remodel on Sunset Drive - Stay Tuned!

Previously, our client Kelly entrusted us to work on remodeling her two bathrooms. Given the high-quality service and amazing results we had done before, this time she wants us to give her kitchen a new look.

For this project, we are going to tear out the existing cabinets and dividing wall. Gradually this kitchen will be rebuilt, from lighting, electrical, and plumbing to installing new flooring and finally applying a fresh coat of paint. Stay tuned for updates of this project!

Giving this Homeowner’s Floor A Major Upgrade in Poplar Bluff

Who said leaks can only happen on roofs? Ha! I bet you didn’t know floors can leak as well - and when we say well, we mean it literally.

As surprising as it may seem, this lovely floor had moisture problems because there is an old school well right under the house. Due to this moisture, the flooring became weakened and damaged.

We had to remove all existing flooring and repair a huge area in the subfloor where the joists had moisture damage. After fixing the subfloor, the owner picked out new flooring from our variety of choices. The crew then installed that as well as the new baseboards, and it turned out great!

Does your home need a new look like these projects we worked on? Contact us today and get a FREE Estimate!

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