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Remodeling Surprises in Store This Second Week of May

This May 12, we will be honoring the mother figures in our lives on their very own special day. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to take them out, give them flowers, send them a card, or more. We at Custom Remodeling Specialists are sure that your moms will love whatever surprise you have in store for them.

Our team also has a couple of surprises hidden up our sleeves this second week of May! Here is a sneak peek of what we have been up to.

The Busiest Workshop in Poplar Bluff

At the Custom Remodeling Specialists workshop, we have every tool a handyman could need. Do you they need claw hammers? Looking for Allen keys? As long as our team needs it, we have it. We make sure to equip our crew with the best tools for the job for the best possible output.

Our pool of experts can do their tasks at our special workshop so they can focus on the tasks at hand. Pictured below is one of our specialists busy working on a project we will feature soon in a separate blog post. Whatever job we do, we work together with the common goal of delivering quality services to satisfy our clients.

Big Renovation Project Updates Coming Soon

This week’s blog post is more of a teaser for the big renovation project we are handling for a client in Poplar Bluff. If you’ve been following our blog closely, you’ll know that last week we got to remove old wallpaper, repair drywall, repaint walls, and even install a fence. Unfamiliar with the project? You can check out our last updates here.

Our team has been very hard at work with this remodeling project. With a lot of dedication and elbow grease, we will get this done in no time. But here’s a new update on our latest accomplishment!

Making Sidewalks in Poplar Bluff With Care

Pictured above is a small sidewalk pour we did for this project. Sidewalks are a great addition for any home. It makes the property more accessible, allowing residents to walk safely from the road to their house without worrying about tripping. If your property does not have a sidewalk yet, you can reach out to use and we’ll have one up in no time!

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