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Serving Communities With Home Repair Projects This Third Week of May

Get ready for the Poplar Bluff Sock and Undie Rundie 5K happening this May 18, 2019. No, you won’t be running around Poplar Bluff in your socks and undies, silly. Families that participate in this 5K walk/run get to donate socks and underwear for the foster youth of Poplar Bluff as part of the registration. You get to have fun, stay fit, and help out! Register for this fun run here.

The team at Custom Remodeling specialists loves helping people out. We might not be joining the 5K run this May 18, but we get to serve the community in our own way - with our home repair projects! Find out what we’ve been up to this third week of May by reading on.

Total Bathroom Makeover for Kelly

When life gets a little bit too much to handle, our bathroom becomes a peaceful escape. We don’t just wash grime away; we get rid of stress inside our bathroom walls as well.

Unfortunately, we usually don’t pay much attention to the bathroom design when we are planning our homes. Oftentimes, bathrooms are drab and dull when compared to the rest of the house. That doesn’t sound like much of an oasis of relaxation, right?

Our client, Kelly, gave us the task of remodeling her two bathrooms into something she would actually want to spend more time in. This has been quite a big project that we have been working on since last month.

We started with the master bathroom, fully demolishing the bath and re-working the drywall, paint, and trim as pictured above. Although it still looks like a mess, the transformation is something you should definitely see!

Shower Niche: A Must Have in Every Bathroom

Working on the bath, we installed a handy shower niche. This way, Kelly will have a useful spot to keep her soaps and shampoos without attaching cheesy bathroom holders to the wall. We placed it at around chest-level when standing for easier access. It’s an excellent way of improving the bath area.

Trendy Tile Improvements For A Better Bathroom

Next, we demolished out the old tile. Doing this can be tedious and requires special equipment. That’s why Kelly called in the experts! First, we releveled the floor with a floor leveler (duh!). We then installed a Kerdi-Ditra waterproof membrane backer, which can prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

After that, we installed 6x36 inch mohawk porcelain plank tiles with a wood grain design. For this, we used Flor-Tec leveling systems which have been handy in creating flawless tiling projects with ease. Lastly, we grouted using Fusion Pro Grout in delorean gray to fill in the joints between each tile.

Lighting Up Your Bathtime

We even reworked the light and fan found in the bathroom. The lighting is not only practical (because who likes bathing in the dark). It also helps the bathroom look amazing while adding to the overall design.

Soap’s Up With a Brand New Bathtub

Our team then installed a new bathtub straight out of the box. The process has both easy and hard parts. It isn’t a DIY project that anyone can do, as you need to work with a heavy, bulky tub. Thus, it is important to always let an expert handle the job.

Giving Life to Your Sinks

Up next we have the sink! Here’s a few progress pictures, which look quite messy. You won’t believe what it looks like once we finished!

And voila. We even added a mirror and well-lit lamps so Kelly can achieve the perfect look before she goes out.

Bath: The Star of the Show

And who could forget the bath, the most important part of the bathroom! We definitely saved the best for last. Just look at how we got it from point A to point B.

Our crew installed a 4x4 custom tile shower especially for our client. We also tiled the bathroom walls, and made sure that the showers and handles all matched the overall design of the bathroom.

The final output looks amazing. The bathroom is Kelly’s favorite room in her home. Now that we’re done with this, we’re working on the other bathroom and kitchen remodel next. But that’s for another blog post, so stay tuned!

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