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Want to Sell Your Home Faster? CRS Accepts the Challenge!

This Sunday, our Christian brothers and sisters will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Custom Remodeling Specialists team will also have our own celebration, not only for the resurrection of Jesus Christ but for the rebirth of our clients’ renovated homes!

Take a look at what we’ve been up to this past week and check out the finished bathroom and kitchen remodeling project from the previous post!

Project Update: Brand New Master Bath and Kitchen

The bathroom renovation project we’ve been showing you on our previous posts is finally completed! The master bath now looks brand new, with their new Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tiles, their mosaic backsplash, HD Laminate countertop, and newly painted walls. Not to mention the refinished cabinets and other wooden parts of the bathroom.

Aside from this bathroom renovation, we’ve also refinished their cabinet to give it an instant upgraded look.

A Small Concrete Addition From Custom Remodeling Specialists

Most of the time, our team works on large projects that can take weeks to complete. Clients trust us to work on major renovations on their home because of the quality of work we display on projects for our past clients.

However, in some cases, people ask us to simply lend a hand for a smaller project. Of course, we’re more than happy to help!

Shown below is a picture of a concrete pouring project where we were asked for labor assistance. Our team went there and completed the project in no time, before leaving again for a bigger task.

Sell Your Property Faster By Doing a Complete Renovation

Has your property been on the market for quite some time? Do you want to sell it faster and for a higher price?

When renovations are done to any property, it automatically increases its value and the amount you would spend in a renovation can give you a good return on investment. However, the biggest benefit of a home renovation would be its ability to sell faster.

See, many home buyers are willing to spend extra if that means they get to live in a beautiful home immediately and without having to renovate it themselves. Most of the time, the hassle and stress of handling a renovation project is not worth it, and buyers prefer a home ready for occupancy.

This client’s property has been on the market for a while now, and they have decided to step up to make it sell faster. They called CRS to do a complete renovation and we’re excited to complete the project and see potential buyers lining up!

As soon as we complete this project, we’ll give you a quick glimpse for you to see the difference our renovation made!

Regardless of how small or large a project is, the Custom Remodeling Specialists team is always ready to help and lend a hand.

Have a project in mind you need help with? Contact us today and get a FREE Estimate!

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